Military Tactical Gear

While at Lockheed Martin: Virtual World Labs, I modeled and textured some scopes/sights, plus a pair of binoculars, for a project to be used in the Virtual Battlespace 2 engine. The engine allowed us to use multiple map types including diffuse, normal, and specular. I baked the normal & ambient occlusion detail from a high poly model to the low poly, then adding more normal map detail from CrazyBump after starting the texture.

Leupold Binoculars

This model is based on a real Leupold Binocular design, I used many reference images that I got from a data capture photoshoot; The Leupold Binoculars are a slim performance, in-line binocular.


The AN/PSQ-18A is a day/night sight that uses an infrared aiming laser used on grenade launchers. Estimated time was 3 days for high poly, low poly, baking, UVing & texturing.


The AN/PAS-22 is a high-performance, handheld, long range thermal imager.


The AN/PVS-14 is a Monocular Night Vision Device. Estimated time was 4 days for high poly, low poly, baking, UVing & texturing.